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Sunday, October 09, 2005


On a computer about as old as I am, I struggle to balance on this overly-high stool to type on this keyboard that hangs halfway from imminent descent. Yet, it is worth it. Indeed. It is free. Cardinal Rule 1 for travelers: If its offered free, consider hard if you are inclined to refuse.

It is Friday I believe, though I have been wrong before. Nighttime in Dublin is near the same as the day except that there are more people in the pubs, though not necessarily remarkably so, people drink a lot here regardless of the time of day. It is perhaps colder, and a few cars less on the streets, but none of this is new to any city.

I use this computer as fast as I can for it may be taken from me at any time. I was able to talk a desk clerk into allowing me to type for free as long as I didn’t use the internet. Woe be it to use the Net without paying someone somewhere. My, how the once free research-friendly tool of universities has changed.

Soon I shall attempt to save this to some manner of disk and then walk a number of city blocks for a reasonable rate of internet use, where I will post this online.

This is, I suppose, my first ‘blog’. And while I despise the name it is known as, I will still make use of its function, and that being a keyhole into a life. Not much more than that perhaps, but it is in fact better than a blank wall. Unless of course you like blank walls, in which case theres no hope for you.

So, I will have to backdate a few entries until I get up to date.


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