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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

footing about

Wednesday, October 12 – Dublin

The last two days have been a long eventful journey. A new friend, Brad, a bloke from Scone, New South Wales Australia, and I tromped about most of Dublin. He and I met at O’Caseys where he, myself, and David, a chef from Edinburgh Scotland, traded stories and pints. My own philosophy of travel coincided so well with Brad's, that we journied together. Mostly our philosophy was walk a general direction, see what's on the way, stop whenever to snack or refresh, move on. Very relaxed. If you do't see something, it's not the end of the world.

The list of things we were able to see is quite extensive, so only those that I can recall will I type out. More descriptions will be forthcoming. Included were: Christ Church Cathedral, The many bridges over the River Liffey, City Hall, St. Audoen's, St. Catherines, the Guinness Storehouse, and Kilmainham Gaol.

I was quite impressed with all of them, except perhaps the Guinness Factory tour. Here is why – it isn't in the Guinness Factory. They show you magnified bits of hops, a waterfall to represent…water, small videos shown in barrels of people making – right, you guessed it – barrels, a vast collection of toy boats and airplanes that resemble what has hauled their beer around the globe over the years, and of course, they show you all the various paraphernalia from advertisements since the inception. It's no small wonder they curb your anger at being charged 14 euro by shoving a ‘complimentary’ Guinness in your hand. There’s that whole complimentary word again. I believe it's used when a disservice has been done to you.

We found solace in a pub (surprise!) and managed to somehow begin a journey to find an answer to a horseracing question that we only vaguely wondered about to start with.

Note: Temple Bar area is quite cool with it's shops, bars, and restaurants, but is way over-priced.

Note II: Bring an umbrella in Ireland. If you buy one here, it will fall apart and ascend into the sky. True. Have witnesses.


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