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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

a number of walls

October 25 - Derry, formerly Londonderry Northern Ireland

With a sigh I said goodbye to Donegal. If you ever find yourself on the western coast of Ireland, definitely search the town out. Leaving also found another parting as the Nihilist surfers of Reed, Nial, and Al, joined by the ubiquitous Aaron left for Dublin where they were to catch various flights over the next few days. I wish them well in their endeavours. I hope Nial continues his new fashion sense, that Al finds a travel agent, that Aaron keeps on with his needlework, and Reed comes across a brand new 2nd gear. I am confident we will all meet again.

Derry is town divided. It sits square between two factions that cannot find a resolution to thier problem. On one side, there is graffiti honoring the republican's cause, and on the other, there is the loyalists, also emblasoned in grafitti. It is both discomforting and unfortunate. Such a lovely city on the banks of the river, with great cathedrals and monuments, all marred in some way or another with the tags of mad kids, barbed wire to keep one or another at bay, video cameras hanging everywhere to record or potentially deter hostile activities. It is a mess.

The wall surrounding the inner city is quite impressive. Stout enough to withstand wars and sieges over the centuries, it is a massive reminder of what the city was born upon.

I don't believe I will stay here more than a day.

On a side note, I have had to buy a new belt. Ever since I 'lost' my favorite trusty belt, I have gone through 3. This last one was purchased from Target and appeared sturdy, but under the duress of travel and rugged wear, it has broken down like a sad bit of hide that never should've made it to the varsity team.

We'll see how long the new one lasts. If nothing else, I might just buy some bloody twine and cinch the baggy jeans once and for all.


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