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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Southward Bound

Been a bit since I've posted. Took some time off to visit my folks for the holidays and some down time. But now, it is at arms! The traveling is begun anew!

Yet the holidays were wonderful. I took the opportunity to do a lot of new writing as well as a lot of transcribing from the hundreds of pages I collected while on the road. Transcribing's a bear, but my typing speed is up and I get to edit as I go.

Lets see, other things:

- The digital camera I had that broke in Rome - hopefully fixed soon. Draggin disposable cameras around is expensive and a pain.

- Been updating pictures to the blog. So if you've been wanting other media than boring words, salute.

- For those of you who are stuck in the wintery north, I will be posting great deals I find for traveling for you all. I don't care if you go anywhere, mind you, just no complaints that the deals aren't there. :)

More later...

- C


  • At 7:14 AM , Blogger Cor said...

    Hey Caleb. Heard you were in FL and waiting for the SA trip to begin. Have fun, as always. Not much to say. We are all still here, and that's about as much as can be said.

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