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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Harry Antis

In response to a question about Harry Antis.

When I was viewing Caravaggio's work, I saw two peices that struck me as familiar to Harry's. One was 'Sant Jeroni Penitant' c 1605, and the other was 'Flagel-lacio' c 1607. Both were quite moving, and had a similar sense of lighting techniques that seem to have an unearthly glow about them.

Also, there was a work by Orazio Gentileschi called 'Sant Jeroni', painted in 1610 that was possibly inspired by Caravaggio's own work on the subject, but I thought although it was better technically then Caravaggio's, it was less moving than the original.

In both artists, and the others that were inspired by Caravaggio, I saw some of the way Harry brought his subjects to light, though Harry was farther along in religious realism than they. But of course to his credit, he had much more work to study than they did.

Impressive, all.



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