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Monday, November 07, 2005

A Few Notes

November 7, Tuesday - Barcelona, Spain

Several things. One, if you want to post a note or quip or whatnot, you don´t need to have your own blog. In fact, I applaud all that sign up under fictious names in order to post. If you´re the shy type, though somehow I imagine that applies to almost zero of you, then there´s your cover. For the rest of you - buck up and stop thinking and start posting. And for the yahoos that post who have nothing to do with this blog, bugger off, yoú´re both unwanted and in dire chances of being reported to the ICC, FDQC, BBB, and the FCC.

On a secondary note. I feel uncommonly bad for my good friends of the green team based in the midlands of wisconsin. I realized that, too late, my operation of pseudo spirit had actually affected the cosmos and that when I laid my Gus shirt to the side (or, more accurately, tossed it into the backseat after I was done with some silly shift) it caused a serious malady to fall upon the team.

Thirdly, .... I have tried to figure out msn messenger but to no avail. not only is it all in another language, but also, by trying to alter the computér´s preferences you make an enemy out of the owner(seriously, do not change the entire operating system to english for a spanish speaking country - nothing good will come of it, I can vouch for it) not a good thing. so, I will continue to figure this out, without causing the need for harm to myself.

More later...


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