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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Peru, A Return

One of the reasons I came to Peru again was at the suggestion of my good friend, Dale. As I was gearing up to edit Atocongo Bridge he suggested I might edit it where the story takes place - Lima. Since I wanted to explore other parts of South America anyway, this seemed a wise idea. It turns out it was very wise indeed.

Often the success of a novel lies in the details. In revisiting Lima I was better able to answer nagging questions like which store was on such-and-such corner?, or, what colors were on this building?, or, what was the name of the little park on that intersection? I was further lucky to have met Claudio through a travel forum, who helped answer the tiniest of details of his home city.

Also, the need to visit Lima once more gave me the opportunity to re-experience my favorite restaurants and cafes, like Punta Azul and Chef's Cafe - to feast on arroz con mariscos, tequenos, and chifa, while trying new dishes like caucas, a delicious Peruvian dish that I have now added to my culinary arsenal.

Lastly, coming to Lima gave me the chance to visit the focal point of my novel, the actual Atocongo Bridge and the dodgy neighborhoods where the story takes place. Wandering the streets gave me another chance to better understand what the area is about and take even more notes to better my work. Now I just have to incorporate it all into the manuscript, which, I am happy to say, is through its first edit. It's bound to need further edits, but getting the first edit done is a welcome step.

Finally, some pictures of Atocongo Bridge:


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