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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sucre - 199 Yrs and Counting

Got to Sucre just in time for 3 things:

1 - The celebration of 199yrs since their Independence from Spain.

2 - The Chocolate Festival - highlighted by chocolate fairs, movies based on chocolate, and restaurants all themed on the substance.

3 - To get sick.

Clearly, the first two were the better choice. Anyway, I am healthy now and got to enjoy some kickin Ska/Punk bands, some tasty chocolate, a ridiculous amount of marching bands for 3 days straight, and some fiery, explosive demonstrations. (I don´t want to worry anyone, but when dynamite goes off in a Plaza, it´s really, really loud)

The demonstrations were in protest of several things, but mostly a combination of their disapproval of the president and because Sucre used to be the capital of the country, but has been moved to La Paz. The Sucre people, naturally, are mad about this. I can´t blame them either because Sucre is the cleanest, most beautiful city I´ve seen in Bolivia. When I get some photos uploaded, you´ll see what I mean. Further - Sucre has some amazing food. Part of my quest in Latin America is to find the best food there is to offer and Sucre has the best of its country. (I spent quite some time trying to suss out the recipe for the stunning chili-tandoori chicken I had one evening. The waiter and cook tried their best to explain how it was prepared and now I think I have a good handle on it.)

At the end of the day I would recommend Sucre for anyone who wishes for a wonderful little city with great food and friendly people. I´m glad I stopped here.


  • At 8:35 PM , Blogger Kim said...

    Sucre sounds wonderful. I would have loved to be there for the chocolate festival, with all the bands and chocolate. This city is definitely on my list of places I would go if I could afford it.

    And I'm sorry to read you were sick. I'm actually just getting over strep throat, which had me out of commission for several days.

    Keep up with the blog--I enjoy reading what you're seeing and experiencing.

  • At 10:50 AM , Anonymous Dale said...

    I expect that you'll make the tandoori chili-chicken for me when you get back? Post some more photos, I'd like to see what you're seeing.

  • At 5:50 AM , Anonymous Jamie said...

    Perhaps the salt had a 'minor' affect on your body's ability to process. Considering the enter human body functions on sodium and potassium exchange!!! I wonder if research has ever been done on the adaptation of the locals internal systems? They may be a new species in and of themselves LOL :)


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