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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like A Fleet Of Submarines

After spending the first few days on Isla Baltra and Isla Santa Cruz, spending time with the giant tortoises, land iguanas, stingrays, and other creatures, I recently I took a water taxi to Isla Isabella, the biggest island in the archipelago, but one of the most untouched by man. There are resplendent beaches, extensive lagoons and lakes, several volcanoes, including the 2nd biggest volcano crater in the world, and on and on... You could dedicate a guidebook to listing all the things to see and do.

For me, I've been concentrating on exploring what I can on land and then in the ocean. My wanderings have led me to swim with sea snakes, puffer fish, spotted eagle rays, skates, and then today - I came upon a fleet of giant sea turtles. Some 30 strong. And when I say gigantic, they were like these massive ships under the sea - submarines! I came upon them while exploring a reef and then right before me, not a foot away rose a mammoth sea turtle. It hung in the water and kind of gave me a look as if saying, 'well, you're here, you can come along, but just don't mess with anything.' I spent a good halfhour with it as it cruised around, feeding, and leading me back to where the others were waiting.

It was absolutely surreal and incredible.

The days on Galapagos are like that. Just when you think you've been shocked by something wonderful, another amazing event comes along.

And I have more days to come...


  • At 6:02 AM , Anonymous Jamie said...

    ohh this is only the beggining... stay tuned for turtles laying eggs, birds nesting, and sea lions pupping. A new start for some and a climate change for others.... back home. Don't want you to feel guilty or anything... just thought I would throw that out there LOL


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