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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

On the Mountain

Onward and upward, some say. In my case, it’s literal. I’m now up in the high snowy altitudes of the Vermont mountains. I’ve had the good fortune to be lent the use of a wonderful place on the top of a mountain. The view from here is forest as far as the eye can see. And silence. Peace. Just the occasional shush of the wind through the trees. A great environment to paint, write, and read. An artist’s retreat, really.

Which is exactly what I need. On this first night I have my papers out for my stories, notes for edits for books, paintings to complete, and a list of things to do.

I also have a big box of food to get me through most of the time here. Basics - potatoes, rice, pasta. Proteins - my 3 frozen chickens. And the necessaries - hot spices, a bit of cheese, tortillas, a couple bottles of wine, some veg, and the ubiquitous box of Cheez-its. :)

And so I stand out on the deck, watching the wind shift and toss the dusting snow into whirls and swirls, mist rising between the ridges of forest, the clouds parting for the sun, and then closing again.

I stand inspired and ready to begin.

- C


  • At 3:56 AM , Anonymous Jamie said...

    Sounds like heaven :)


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