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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trujillo, Huanchanco, Chan Chan, and Mancora

Sorry to lump a bunch of places together, but I didn't feel like blogging for each one despite each one having its own uniqueness. I´ve gotten too far behind and have new places to photograph, blog about, pics to upload, in addition to all the new traveling and writing I'm doing.

After I left Lima, I headed for Trujillo, a coastal town most famous for its smaller neighbor Huanchaco, where fishermen still use the same style of reed fishing boats to ply their trade that they've used for 2500 years. The boats, themselves, are easier to show than describe, so I will opt for some pics.

Trujillo's famous hairless dog. People suffering from arthritus often own these animals because they have a higher body temperature and therefore when sleeping next to their human owners, elleviate some of the pain.

I then treked from Huanchaco to ChanChan, an ancient city, 2500 years old, by some accounts. By all accounts, it was the biggest mud-brick city in the entire world with over 20,000 temples, homes, pryamids, and miles upon miles of walls. What remains is a crumbling city of dirt, but is still mightily impressive.

Once through exploring Chan Chan, I headed north to Mancora. Mancora - the place where beach bums come to die. Surfers, sunworshipers, vacationing Limeans, and backpackers who've had enough mountains, jungles, deserts, and sightseeing and are in dire need of a break. Mancora fits the bill.

I spent a week there, slowly working on my tan as I sampled new seafood caught fresh daily. Make way for tiradito, ceviche, and an array of mariscos, pescado, and conch dishes. Delightful.

The Mototaxis along the towns only road teemed like schools of noisy fish:

Mancora sunrise (No, I didn´t get up especially early to take this photo. My bus from the south arrived in Mancora at 5 in the morning, so I stayed up to watch the sunrise before finding a place to stay):

Mancora sunset:

The view of the ocean from my apartment:


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