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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Denizen's Ascension

So I've worked hard these last few months sending out stories to magazines, but also I've been readying one of my novels for submission. As you can imagine, it's hard enough getting a story to where it's ready to be sent to a magazine, much less editing a book. But, finally 'Denizen's Ascension' is finished. It's difficult to say any book is every really finished until it's finally printed, but I'm am done with it for now. We'll see what the industry has to say.

Luckily, while it's out in limbo (otherwise known as the submission process), I am getting revved up to complete the changes that I need to make to 'The King Of York'. It will take a few months, but rewrites take time. At the same time, now that my hand is out of its brace, I am starting to work on some illustrations for TKOY. First-time novelists don't often get a lot of say in terms of illustrations, so I'm not holding my breath for that. But once the book sells and sells well, perhaps there is a future for a companion-type book that would show the creatures from the novel.

We'll see. More work ahead...