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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Publishing Date Moved

I was getting kinda worried recently because my story, 'The Vnimajici', was set to appear in issue 58 of Ray Gun Revival, but they seemed frozen on issue 55. Then I had read on another website that the magazine was on hiatus. Hiatus in the magazine world is like being caught just past the event horizon around a black hole: gone, and never to be heard from again.

So I sent them an email hoping this hiatus was a mistake.

Turns out they are reformatting how they publish stories and have decided to move my story up into the next issue #56, set to come out in June. Relief.

Sometimes stories can be hard to place. You have to find the right magazine, the right editor, the right themed issue. I knew selling The Vnimajici would be tough because:

1) It has an ethnic theme. A lot of magazines say they are interested in ethnic stories, but then when you look at the stories they publish, there's often nary an ethnic story to be found.

2) It is lighthearted. A lot of zines like hard, serious SF. This one isn't. It has that lighthearted humor that you might find in an episode of Doctor Who.

3) It has robots. Unlike a lot of stories where authors are going out of their way to reinvent the wheel concerning robots, this one isn't like that. This is more of a throwback to old scifi where a robot was a robot and the emphasis was placed on the story.

So you can see why I didn't want to restart the process of shopping this story around. Thankfully I don't have to and soon readers will have a chance to enjoy The Vnimajici.


- C


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