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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The White City


Set in the shadow of the trio of massive volcanos, El Misti, Chaichani, and Pichu Pichu, the white city of Arequipa bustles with activity. Snow-capped and enormous, the volcanos look down on the city as if giant guardians over the ancient city. Indeed with the presense of the active volcanos, it is no surprise that they had human sacrafices atop them. Yet now it is more a city that feeds off its own regionalism, even ocasionally bringing up the idea of creating their own country.

One of the highlights of the city is the Monestario de Santa Catalina, an absolutely huge structure taking up an entire city block. Founded in the 1500´s, it was a private monestary and sealed to the public until the 1970´s when financial pressure finally forced them open thier collasal gates.

Another structure that often carries the face of Arequipa is the sillar Cathedral. Huge in a way that only Rome can understand, it dominates the Plaza de Armes with its huge towers, ornate bas-relief, and a great pair of arches. Built with the volcanic sillar stone, it literally glows in the light of the sun. Though taking its toll of damage in several great fires and earthquakes, it has been fixed and reinforced to its awesome original structure.

And then there is the exotic and ever-surprising Mercado, a great market where you can buy everything from Papaya the size of watermelons to live frogs that they make a very disturbing smoothie out of called Extracto de Rana. But hey, they do add a bit of honey to it.

The White City is definately a wonder to behold.

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  • At 8:26 PM , Anonymous Jamie said...

    I am glad that you are back in South America, as I hear that you had much fun there previously. I'm sorry to hear about the frog shake, however. I do hope you rather not partake in that. Blah!
    Although I have begged to travel with you, I do think I'll sit this one out. Frog shakes really aren't my thing :)

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